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I just saw a video of a young mother who had survived the most unbearable tragedy.  Her husband and newborn son were involved in a horrific accident – her husband was killed instantly and the newborn suffered numerous life threatening injuries.  The accident happened 10 years ago and the video was a recording of her attempts to reach out to those who saved her sons life so she could say thank you.  She tracked down everyone who helped at the accident scene and at the hospital and then hosted a reception in their honor.  There wasn’t a dry eye in sight.

But what really struck me about the video was one of the nurses…  she was overwhelmed because NOBODY had ever thanked her before.  The mom was incredulous.  She was amazed that this nurse, who had saved hundreds of lives, had never ever been thanked.

So I thought back to my years as a Mercy Flight Pilot and I have to say that I have never been thanked either. I know life is busy, especially after a health crisis or tragedy, but still…  And I also know that it’s hard to track down the specific people who were there for you (or your family member) in your time of need, but this mom figured it out.   Maybe others can too!

What about the teachers or counselors or mentors in your life that have made a huge difference?  There are many ways to save a life, you know?   I think people need to be thanked so let’s make it easy for them!

Have you ever had someone go out of their way to help you?  Was it physical or emotional or financial??   Do you ever wish you could thank them one more time?  The mother in the video had a thank you party.  What do you think would work in your community?







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