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I bet a lot of you are excited about heading off to college… finally you’re on your own.  You can stay up late, eat junk food, live in a messy room…. It’s awesome, right?  But you know who is NOT excited (even though she pretends to be)?  Your Mom!

Although she’ll never say it, secretly inside she’s terrified for your safety and she’s dreading the quiet, empty house that is inevitable when you leave.  I’m speaking from experience, of course…  But it’s all part of life and there really is no way to prevent the sadness of the empty nest.  You guys won’t get it for another 30 years or so, but let me tell you -It’s brutal.  We spend at least 18 years protecting you, teaching you, helping you with your problems, driving you all over the planet….

And then you’re gone.  Just like that.

Have you ever heard of the College Care Package that moms send out to their kids in college?  Raman noodles, soup mix, some Red Bull and your favorite candy from childhood…  maybe an airline ticket home or a gift certificate for McDonalds?

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to reverse that and have the college student send a care package to their mother (or father, of course)??

Just an “I love you” and “I’m thinking about you” little box of goodies?  Maybe HER favorite candy and a note from you saying you’re ok!  And a thank you note for everything she has done to get you to this place, which is a lot (again, speaking from experience!)

Get your friends together and make care packages for your Mom back home.  I promise they miss you terribly and would love to know that you’re ok!


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