Nobody Cares, Mate’

What’s the worst thing that happened to you today? Did you overdraw your checking account? Miss out on a primo parking space? Did your football team lose today? I was scrolling through Facebook [...]

The thank you project

I just saw a video of a young mother who had survived the most unbearable tragedy.  Her husband and newborn son were involved in a horrific accident – her husband was killed instantly and [...]

A care package for Mom

I bet a lot of you are excited about heading off to college… finally you’re on your own.  You can stay up late, eat junk food, live in a messy room…. It’s awesome, right?  But you know [...]

Cafeteria angels

What, or Who do you think about when you hear about the “reduced cost” lunch program at school?  Do you get a picture in your mind of some dirty kid with greasy hair and old clothes that [...]