STEP 8: Build Your Brand

Personal branding is the process of developing the way you would like to be perceived by others. It is the reputation and identity you share with the world and believe me when I say this…It matters. Your brand is how you communicate your skills, personality and values and it starts developing in high school. When a company identifies their brand personality, they make a strategic, well thought out decision as to who they want to be. Your own brand should work exactly the same way.

Creating a personal brand will help you avoid being just another face in the crowd. In today’s job market and entrepreneurial landscape, you have to be unique and recognizable to the people you are trying to impress, either while applying to your favorite college, landing your dream job or marketing a service or product that you created yourself.

But be warned…if you don’t develop your own brand, others will do it for you and that’s not a good thing. A negative personal brand will impact your ability to get jobs, promotions, money, and even to get into your chosen college. This is a big deal.

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So how do you develop a personal brand that will show you in a positive, professional way? Download the worksheet below to get started!